Овој август се одбележува 50-годишнината од славниот фестивал за музика и уметност „Вудсток“, кој што се одржа на фарма од 600 хектари во Бетел, Њујорк.

Секој познат музичар од тоа време, од Jimi Hendrix до Janis Joplin, се појави за време на тридневниот фестивал. Дури и со 400.000 присутни, во полицијата за време или по фестивалот немаше пријави за насилство, а со две родени бебиња, наводно, за време на самиот фестивал, тоа сигурно беше викенд на мир, љубов и музика.

За оние кои сакаат да видат нешто повеќе, еве како изгледаше таа музичка фешта пред 50 години:

When residents of Wallkill, New York, denied plans for Woodstock to occur near their town, farmer Max Yasgur came to the rescue, offering his land near Bethel at the price of $75,000.Steve Starr/AP Images
Woodstock was created by the then-novice promoters John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfield, and Michael Lang. Originally, the four had hoped the festival would be a way to raise funds to build a recording studio and rock-and-roll retreat near Woodstock, New York.AP Images
Tickets to the event cost $6.50 a day, and festival organizers told authorities they were expecting around 50,000 people, even when 186,000 tickets had already been sold.AP Images
As thousands of people crowded the area, tickets became obsolete, and people wound up inside the festival grounds for free.AP Images
Festival activities began August 15, 1969 with a performance by the late singer-songwriter Richie Havens.AP Images
Hippie commune Hog Farm was tasked with providing free food for the Woodstock attendees. However, due to the huge number of attendees and lack of resources, a US Amy helicopter was assigned to deliver food to the grounds.AP Images
Hog Farm was also assigned with overseeing security at the festival. They named their security team AP Images
Here, three attendees relax in a grass hut. The sign above their heads reads: